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    Welcome to my practice! My name is Dr. Eric van der Voort. I am a Licensed Psychologist (Lic. # PSY27892) and AASECT Certified Sex Therapist. From my virtual office in San Diego, I provide specialized psychotherapy and sex therapy services to individuals and couples throughout California. 

    My ultimate goal is to help you live a more mindful, intimate, and rewarding life in which you enjoy better sex and overall wellness.

    If you’re experiencing any of the common concerns in the section below, I encourage you to reach out. I look forward to hearing from you and to answering any questions you might have.

    Common Concerns Addressed in Sex Therapy

    BDSM, Kinks, & Fantasies

    • You have sexual fantasies you’d like to explore but you’re unsure where or how to start.
    • You feel guilty or ashamed about your interests or attractions to certain types of people, porn, kinks, or fantasies.
    • You’re interested in learning more about kinks/BDSM, consent, power exchange, and how to play safely.

    Performance Anxiety & Desire Discrepancies

    • You sometimes feel like there’s something wrong with your body when it comes to sex.
    • You are less interested in sex than you or your partner would like, or than you used to be.
    • You find it difficult to get and maintain an erection or lubrication during sex.

    Substance Use & Sex

    • Most or all of the sex you have or enjoy happens while you’re under the influence of a substance.
    • Thinking about having sex without drugs or alcohol gives you anxiety.
    • Alcohol or substance use is preventing you from connecting with others or creating the intimacy you’d like to have.

    Attraction & Sexual Preference

    • You’d like to explore your sexuality and to feel more sexually confident.
    • The sex you’re having is not the sex you really want.
    • You want to have better sex more often.
    • You’ve tried “spicing things up” in the bedroom, only to fall back into old patterns shortly afterward.
    • You feel frustrated or hopeless with the quality of sex you have.
    • Since COVID and/or your last sexual relationship, it’s been harder for you to feel comfortable having sex with new people.
    • You’ve previously felt judged or embarrassed when talking about your sex life to important people in your life.

    Sex/Porn "Addiction"

    • Your sex or porn use is interfering with your self-esteem, relationships, work, or other obligations.
    • You have been told that you have a porn or sex “addiction,” or you feel guilty or ashamed about your use of porn or sex.
    • It is sometimes easier for you to masturbate to porn than it is to find pleasure in having partnered sex.
    • You feel disconnected from your values in the ways you engage with porn, online dating, hookup apps, strip clubs, or sex workers.
    • You have difficulty becoming aroused, wet, erect, or experiencing an orgasm if you’re not looking at porn.

    Relationships & Effective Communication

    • You want to better communicate with your partner about sex.
    • It’s hard for you to tell your partner your sexual wants and needs.
    • You allow your sexual and romantic desires to go unspoken and unmet.
    • You often put the needs of others above your own, leaving you to feel unfulfilled and resentful.
    • You feel like you’re missing the emotional and/or sexual intimacy you wish you had with your partner.
    • You’re thinking about opening up your relationship, whether for love, sex, or both.

    Ready to Enjoy Better Sex?