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Clinical Psychologist & Certified Sex Therapist

Sex Therapy for Individuals & Couples

Welcome to my San Diego based Telehealth practice. I provide personalized and effective psychotherapy and sex therapy services to adults throughout California. My inclusive practice warmly welcomes those of any sexual orientation, gender identity, kink, relationship dynamic, and behaviors between consenting adults.

I’m Dr. Eric van der Voort, a Clinical Psychologist (PSY27892), Certified Sex Therapist, and Certified Sexual Wellness Therapist. My passion is helping motivated individuals and couples to reignite their intimacy and reclaim a vibrantly rewarding sex life.

I specialize in working with kinky, non-monogamous, and LGBTQ+ individuals and couples to resolve sexual performance anxieties, communication difficulties, and guilt from kinky fantasies or porn use. I also help straight-identified men understand and appreciate their attraction to trans women.

If you’d like to challenge those unhelpful thoughts you have during sex, embrace your kinky fantasies & sexual desires, communicate effectively with partners about your wants and needs, resolve conflicts and insecurities that arise within your non-monogamous relationship, and explore new ways of experiencing pleasure, then I’d love to help. 

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Common Concerns in Sex Therapy

Performance Anxiety & Desire Discrepancies

  • You sometimes feel like there’s something wrong with your body when it comes to sex.
  • You are less interested in sex than you or your partner would like, or you’re less interested in sex than you used to be.
  • You have difficulty getting and sustaining an erection during sex, or difficulty having an orgasm.
  • You and your partner prefer to have sex in different ways and this makes sex feel like a chore.
  • You can’t stop thinking about how you “should” be or act during sex, and this distraction keeps you from being fully present in sex.

Relationships & Effective Communication

  • You want to better communicate with your partner about sex.
  • It’s hard for you to tell your partner your sexual wants and needs.
  • You’re thinking about opening up your relationship, whether for love, sex, or both.
  • You feel like you’re missing the emotional and/or sexual intimacy you wish you had with your partner.
  • You allow your sexual and romantic desires to go unspoken and unmet.
  • You often prioritize the needs of others, leaving you to feel unfulfilled and resentful.

Sex/Porn "Addiction"

  • Your sex or porn use is interfering with your self-esteem, work, relationships, or other obligations.
  • You have been told that you have a porn or sex “addiction,” or you feel guilty or ashamed about your use of porn or sex.
  • It’s often easier for you to masturbate to porn than it is to enjoy partnered sex.
  • You have difficulty becoming aroused, wet, erect, or experiencing an orgasm if you’re not looking at porn.
  • You feel disconnected from your values in your interactions with porn, online dating, hookup apps, strip clubs, or sex work.

BDSM, Kinks, & Fantasies

  • You have sexual fantasies you’d like to explore but you’re unsure where or how to start.
  • You feel guilty or ashamed about your interests or attractions to certain types of people, porn, kinks, or fantasies.
  • You’re interested in learning more about kinks/BDSM, consent, power exchange, and how to play safely.

Substance Use & Sex

  • All or most of the sex that you find enjoyable happens when you’re under the influence of a substance.
  • You feel anxious when thinking about having sex without drugs or alcohol.
  • Your alcohol or substance use is preventing you from connecting with others or from creating the intimacy you’d like to have in your life.

Attraction & Sexual Preference

  • You’d like to explore your sexuality and to feel more sexually confident.
  • You’re a straight-identified man who feels confused by your attraction to trans women.
  • The sex you’re having is not the sex you really want.
  • You’ve felt embarrassed or judged by others when talking about your attraction to certain people.

Ready to Enjoy Better Sex?