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    Sex Therapy

    Sex Therapy is a wonderful and safe way to learn how to enjoy better sex. It creates the space for you to better understand yourself, your sexual desires, fantasies, and anxieties, as well as what’s preventing you from having the kinds of sex you most enjoy. You’ll become more aware of your beliefs, feelings, values, patterns, expectations, and preferences regarding sex. This means that you’ll also have the opportunity to discover and choose how sex can be more fulfilling and pleasurable for you. For some, this can include how to safely and mindfully incorporate kinks and BSDM into your sex.

    Let’s Be Real:

    Sex and sexuality can be so much fun! However, they can often be sources of complex, confusing, and painful thoughts and feelings. Stress, life changes, difficulty communicating effectively in relationships, discomfort with feeling vulnerable, negatively comparing your body or genitals to others, and performance anxieties can all negatively impact your sexual desire and ability to experience pleasurable sex. As a result, people seek sex therapy with a variety of concerns. Here are some common problems where sex therapy can help:

    • Having sex that feels unfulfilling, impulsive or disconnected from yourself and/or your partner(s).
    • Feeling confused, ashamed, embarrassed, or even excited and intrigued about some of your fantasies, preferences, kinks, BDSM practices, or participation in alternative relationship structures or lifestyles.
    • Having little or no experience with safely and mindfully incorporating BSDM into your sex life.
    • Engaging in sexual behaviors you wish you didn’t.
    • Noticing a change in your desire for sex, whether you want it more or less than you used to. 

    My goal is to help unburden people from unnecessary guilt, shame, and emotional suffering related to sex, sexuality, and eroticism. If you’re forcing yourself to be in the mood for sex when there is a desire discrepancy in the relationship, the less pleasurable and the more laborious sex becomes. In addition, when we attempt to control or ignore a sexual fantasy or erotic preference, sex can become even less pleasurable. 

    Sharing these hidden parts of ourselves with a skilled and nonjudgmental Sex Therapist can be a wonderfully healing experience! It also gives you the chance to explore how sex and eroticism can be more fun and fulfilling to you. After all, isn’t that one of the best parts about sex?

    By understanding and addressing the many sources that influence your sexuality, eroticism, and desire, I help you untangle your unhelpful narratives and feelings about sex. I also work with you to align your actions with your values so you can stop the cycle of shame and guilt from unfulfilling behaviors. If you have concerns about sex or sexuality, or if you simply want to learn to better enjoy the sex you’re having, give me a call today and let’s discuss your goals.

    My practice is inclusive of all sexual orientations, identities, kinks, relationship structures, and behaviors between consenting adults.