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    Substance Use Treatment

    Thinking about changing your drinking or substance use can feel daunting or overwhelming. After all, drinking and using do offer some benefits, such as experiencing pleasure, feeling more social, or perhaps even enhancing your sexual experiences. On the flip side, many people also experience numerous downsides, side effects, or unwanted repercussions when they use. Taking inventory of what you have at stake can be helpful in making a decision about whether or not to change. Those reasons can be especially helpful in moments of distress or temptation.

    Exploring what might be underneath your drinking or substance use is crucial. Sometimes painful experiences from your past propel you to find a quick solution to the pain. Alcohol and drugs can be effective at numbing pain, but you may be left with unresolved grief, trauma, anger, shame, or guilt. Treatment requires an integrative approach that addresses both the substance use and your emotional pain.

    If you have decided that you’d like to change your drinking or substance use, therapy can help you accomplish your goal. There is no “one size fits all” treatment approach when it comes to treating addiction or substance misuse, so let’s work together to determine what will best help you live the life you want. Give me a call me today to get help reaching your substance use treatment goals.