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Grief Therapy

Grief is a normal response to loss. The loss can be the death of a loved one, a breakup, losing a job, moving, or a change in financial security. We can also experience loss of our identity, purpose, ability, or prior level of functioning. If we lean into the discomfort, these everyday life events present opportunities to successfully grieve the life we used to have (or the one we imagined that we would have had).

In order to successfully grieve, we need to acknowledge the pain we've been avoiding and create new meaning in our lives. However, certain things can get in the way of this process. These “stuck points” might include anger and resentment, guilt, seeing the lost person or thing as being “all good” or “all bad,” or having difficulty talking about the loss.

If you are grieving a loss and feel overwhelmed with where to start, your search for a psychologist is a great step. Schedule your free 15-minute Introductory Phone Consultation or your first 60-minute Initial Evaluation for Therapy appointment so we can discuss how Grief Therapy can help you.