Substance Use

Many people wonder if they drink too much, party too often, or if they are abusing prescription medication. If you’re worried about your drinking or substance use, let’s explore what might be underneath. Rarely have I found that someone’s drinking or use is the original problem. Misuse of alcohol and substances tends to become the symptom that get the most attention, but past pain and traumatic experiences are usually the origin. It may stem from unresolved grief, trauma, difficulties with assertiveness, shame and guilt, or difficulties controlling anger. I often find that misuse of substances is accompanied by underlying emotional pain that requires an integrative approach to treatment.

The good news is that substance use is treatable and therapy can help. There is no “one size fits all” treatment approach when it comes to treating substance use, so let’s work together to determine what will best help you live the life you want. Call me today if you would like help in reaching your goals regarding substance use.

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