Sex Therapy

Please note that my practice is inclusive of all sexual orientations, identities, kinks, relationship structures, and behaviors between consenting adults.

Sex and sexuality can be so much fun! However, they can also be sources of complex, confusing, and painful feelings. As a result, people come to therapy with a variety of concerns about sex. For instance, you may find yourself having sex that feels unfulfilling, disconnected, or impulsive. You may also feel confused, ashamed, or embarrassed about some of your fantasies, preferences, kinks, BDSM practices, or enjoyment of alternative relationship structures or lifestyles. Perhaps you engage in sexual behaviors you wish you didn’t. In addition, stress and performance concerns can impact satisfaction with sex.

My goal is to help unburden people from unnecessary guilt, shame, and emotional pain related to sex, sexuality, and eroticism. The more we try to ignore or control a sexual fantasy or erotic preference, the more power it tends to have over us. Sharing this hidden part of ourselves, without judgment, can be a wonderfully healing experience. It also gives you the chance to figure out how sex and eroticism can be more fun and fulfilling to you. And isn’t that the point of non-reproductive sex, anyway?

I help clients untangle their unhelpful beliefs and feelings about sex. I also work with clients to align their actions with their values so they can stop the cycle of shame and guilt from unfulfilling behaviors. If you have concerns about sex or sexuality, or if you simply want to learn to better enjoy the sex you’re having, give me a call today so we can discuss your options.