Relationship Issues

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Let’s face it: relationships are hard and there are many reasons why we struggle in them. You may feel frustrated or disconnected from your partner(s) or find your relationship(s) not to be as fulfilling as before. Maybe you’re preoccupied with fears of being rejected or abandoned, or feel hopeless that you’ll ever find “the one(s).” Sometimes past hurts and traumas affect how satisfied we feel in relationships.

Dating in the age of Tinder and Grindr can leave people feeling frustrated, jaded, and confused. Unhelpful thoughts and painful feelings may come up. Sometimes we cope with those thoughts and feelings in ways that don’t ultimately fulfill us.

Individual therapy can help you communicate better and improve your satisfaction with your relationship(s). It can bolster your self-awareness and confidence, helping you to choose relationships that are worth your time and value. It can also help you discontinue patterns in others that are draining or strained. If you are looking to feel more connected to yourself and to your partner(s), call me today so we can discuss your options.