Feeling depressed is different from sadness. While everyone feels sad occasionally, if your sadness persists or gets worse over time, you may want to speak with a psychologist. People with depression usually describe an unexplained sadness, low energy, and changes in appetite, weight, or sleep. They also report feeling guilty or numb, have difficulty concentrating, and may even think of death. Depression can interfere with your relationships, self-esteem, and work. It can also make daily tasks, like getting out of bed or returning a phone call, seem almost impossible.

The good news is that several types of therapy can help. Imagine what it would be like if you felt joy again when doing the things you used to love! You could experience improved self-esteem, sleep, and energy. The negative thoughts that constantly rattle in your mind could quiet. Replacing them would be more realistic thinking about your uniqueness as a human.

If you have been feeling depressed, call me today so we can discuss your treatment options.